Jotaro x injured reader

Could we book three rooms for one night?

ジョジョ: Jotaro vs. Wheel of Fortune 『HD』

Would you like them to be adjacent to each other? You can pay for them later. Polnareff blinked, turning the page over in his hands. We just sign and pay later? Dove did the same. By signing this contract, you agree not to file any lawsuits due to strange happenings at the hotel and release us from any legal binding in the case that you are injured, missing, or killed on the premises.

Upon signing, you agree to turn off all electronic devices and turn them in to the front desk so that you may experience the hotel and its history to the fullest. You may not make calls or otherwise communicate with the outside world during your stay, and you cannot exit the hotel until the appointed time. You will be fined accordingly for breaking either of these rules. Payment will be collected later into your stay. You need not worry about the price.

Hotel California is flexible with pricing and will adjust rates to accommodate your situation. Glancing to your left, it appeared to you that both Kakyoin and Jotaro were equally suspicious of the wording. Neither man had taken a pen to sign the page yet.

Answer me. Of course, I can answer those questions for you! Hotel California is more than just a hotel: it is an experience which is best enjoyed without any outside interference. Dove and Polnareff already signed up, though… so I guess I have no choice but to do the same. And so, you deftly signed the page and passed it back to the receptionist. Beside you, Kakyoin hesitantly signed as well. Your rooms are, and Please head up to your rooms and await a call on the hotel phone.

That call is very important, so make sure not to miss it! Obediently, you trailed after Jotaro alongside Kakyoin; Dove had already bolted up to the elevator, and an excited Polnareff had jogged after her. That piece of paper is just to scare everyone! As you stepped out of the elevator and into the long, dimly-lit corridor, you pondered the question. How should we decide rooms? Jotaro let out a sigh and pulled the cap off of his head, holding it out to Dove. One by one, Dove wrote your names down on the pages and tore them out, crumpling them and tossing them into the hat until they were all there.

Who wants to go first? Our room will be the one in the middle, ! Dove giggled slightly and glanced at Kakyoin, who let out a sigh. Sorry, Kakyoin! We might miss that phone call—! You hurried down the hall and shoved your key into the lock for room The lock clicked open and you pushed the heavy wooden door open, revealing a well-decorated room, complete with antique furniture and light fixtures. I am the owner of this grand hotel, Desperado.

Next, allow me to remind you of the rules!

avdol x reader

You are not allowed to use any electronic devices other than this hotel phone during your stay, and you may not leave until the appointed date has passed.Seeing your bloodied body passed out on the floor he checks your breathing. You were still alive with staggered breathing but he was pissed. Slowly he gets up and glares at the person who had cut you down. Any kind of smile they have on their face gets him riled up more. He pounded them over and over, until they were an unsightly bloody pulp.

Like a twig they fell beneath his feet, but he had no sympathy crossed in his face. At this point he could care less what happened to them after his beatdown. You were taken in by the speedwagon foundation but he could barely separate from you.

He was too clouded with the thoughts of you to even properly think right now. Even while sitting alone thinking about that, he could hear the old man talking with the other three about him. It took forever in a day to get him to move on so they all could get to Cairo sooner. But when you did return he was right next to you from the first time you sat next to the others. His green eyes looked down at you as he quickly held you in place with his hand.

But his arm was right behind your back now. The taller black haired teen was heavily disgruntled by this. You looked past him and noticed whatever luggage he had was at the entrance of the door.

When it came to walking around he was always there without failure.Originally posted by queenofhelldarlin. I just love them so much okaaaayyyyy huhu and I need to be flooded more by this ship kadhlahflhflalh. Hope you can get your computer fixed also found out I could use emojis thanks to you! Keep reading.

He needed to fight them. After the enemy is either killed or gotten rid of in some fashion, Joseph would kneel at their side, practically yelling at them to stop fooling around and get the hell up! He would also drag them and make a burial for them straight away, desperate to try and gain some closure. Abdul and Jotaro would be his main emotional crutches. Jotaro would attempt to protect you by trying to take the fight elsewhere, or finishing off any remaining enemies in quick succession.

After finishing the fight, he would check your pulse in your wrist, simply staring down at you with a gloomy look on his face. As for dealing with it, Jotaro would bottle it all up, concentrating on what needs to be done.

He would brush your hair out of your eyes if you have any and try to hold back tears. Together, they would all decide the best way to move on the body, creating a memorial. Avdol would drag the body somewhere safe out of the way, before burning whoever caused the injury asunder! Certain the area was secure, he would wrap his arms around you, eyes shut, grateful you were still where he left you.

As hard as it would hit him, as a man that has suffered so much and seen so much death, he would learn to deal with it and go on like before.

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Polnareff would be inconsolable. He would continue to beat the enemy even after they were dead, eventually having to be removed or having to drag himself away.

Another piece of his heart has been ripped out, like it always is. Warning: Contains explicit language and mentions of injury. So when his beloved was battling another stand user he was there too. Upon reaching you he caressed your body holding back tears, he felt a faint pulse.

Thank god, he still had a chance to save the one person he cared the deepest for. His large arms cradled you as he tried his best to not hurt you any further while fleeing. He smiled through tears looking into your barely open eyes and held you tightly to his chest. The last thing you remembered was desperately clinging to life, as your boyfriend carried you just as desperate, looking for help. After that, your vision went dark and you could no longer hear his voice filled with sorrow and terror.She wrung her hands out of habit, deathly afraid that something bad happened to her fiance.

jotaro x injured reader

Her warm breath came out as a mist as when exhaled. This was truly irritating and not to mention, nerve-wracking! In spite of the coldness, she stayed in her spot, praying for Kai to return. Another coping mechanism of hers, actually. She was replaying the events that occured before he excused himself. In fact, he was walking just behind her, ready to pull her towards him if danger presents itself. Please stay here and wait for my return while I settle some things.

This was a rare case. Was he worried about her safety? Their identity being exposed? All the more reason to be anxious: the alleyway was a hodgepodge of grime, broken glass bottles, dirt and other unsightly things due to the lack of maintenance.

One of her hands tightly gripped the straps of her satchel she was carrying. Her steps were hesitant as she wandered into the alley. Call it luck or the opposite but she was grateful he showed up, though not in the way she anticipated him to. Have you ever seen your fiance dropping from above the sky and falling right on top of you?! Kai coughed, ripping off his mask that is now covered in blood—his blood.

jotaro x injured reader

When he saw the state of the female, he literally felt his blood turning ice in his veins. Gritting his teeth, he assisted her up, wincing as the throbbing intensified. She has seen one of those creatures from the news before.

That creature appeared in the Hosu City incident that injured a few heroes but was immediately subdued by Endeavor. A winged-being with its brain out in the open.

How terrifying! To keep her from launching herself in front of him to supposedly defend, Kai reluctantly tapped the jacket he was wearing with an uncovered hand. Within three seconds, it formed into a thin rope made of cotton.

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She opened her mouth to complain but Kai simply shushed her. He needed no distractions now. This creature was going to be taught a lesson for making his beloved touch the filthy ground. Ah, what a nuisance! He waited for an exact moment when the being would fly down again with new attacks aimed solely at him.

jotaro x injured reader

Multiple Quirks, he had realized made it possible for the creature to hurt him. Fortunately, his reflexes were quick as he was able to avoid another attack.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words Name lives in Italy with her family. She then went to Japan to aid the Joestars as chaos starts within for 50 days during their journey to Egypt to defeat Dio.

These are just posts that I've stolen off of my tumblr and put on here. If y'all wanna ask me something go onto my tumblr account yungmellona. Rewrite Reader is a vampire with a long history with Dio: his former fancy from the slums and his betrothed.

Having long believed the man was dead, and near on a century of changes, you had your heart set that you had long moved on.

Or so you'd thought Edit: Will be rewriting earlier chapters to include more backstory and less disjointment to the rest of the fic. New beginning chapter as well! Edit: Chapter Dio smut. After an absolute hell year you snap and leave everything behind to sail alone on the Oregon Coast during autumn. Something else ruins your peace and quiet.

I'm sorry I am so bad at formatting I have no idea how it works. A few very loose mentions of suicide and anxiety stuff but very little. Gore warning. You and Jotaro are grad students that don't see eye-to-eye.

So to be honest, you thought the summer research program you worked so hard to get in was going to suck since lo-and-behold, he was also going. Jotaro Kujo has been your friend for a long time, but bizarre things begin to occur unexpectedly.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to train in Hamon and fall in love? Or perhaps you were curious if a Stand could help you find 'the' one.

Maybe you're just a normal going person, and suddenly find yourself with a wonderful person. Well you're in the right place for any of those, because this is Jojo's Bizzare Dating: Scenario Galore. This is a collection of works ranging from literal cloud fluff, up to tooth aching sweet. Hope you enjoy the adventure! Jotaro Kujo is new to your high school. He has moved from Japan to California, it takes place after his travels to Egypt and his fight with dio. Jotaro deeply hopes for better new beginnings to move on from his sad tragic memories and when he meets youOriginally posted by shikamaruuuuu.

The thrum of the engine comes to a smooth halt as you switch the ignition off and unlock the car.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It looks so isolated, like something out of a cliche horror film or something. You are surprised to hear no response. The lights are off everywhere - feeling an immediate wave of discomfort, you find yourself searching blindly for the light switch. Calm down, [First name]. Deep breaths. You slowly climb the stairs, each step creaking with age; your hands are clammy and a jitter of fear sparks down your spine like electricity when you hear another strange sound, coming from the bedroom.

You step in with unpractised caution and notice that the bed has been made and the sheets changed. The curtains are shut, and although the midday light of a cloud-filled sky is just outside, you feel trapped within the dark confinements. Your breath catches in your throat. Mustering up all the courage left in your very being which is very littleyou take a step forward, reach for the door handle of the wardrobe and.

It all happens too quickly for your mind to register the next course of action. Were you trying to give me a fucking heart attack??! What if I had hit you with a baseball bat? Or even a knife! You drop to your knees beside your boyfriend, who has a shocked, yet amused grin on his face despite the sharp pain he feels where you punched him. He stumbles up from his position on the floor and follows you around, his nose still dripping.

When you finally get to the kitchen to get a drink of water, you stop him.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

As you wipe the wound clean, you feel your face warm up and your ears go red. The pout on your face is enough to make Joseph laugh out loud, and he holds your face within his large, warm palms.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to train in Hamon and fall in love? Or perhaps you were curious if a Stand could help you find 'the' one. Maybe you're just a normal going person, and suddenly find yourself with a wonderful person. Well you're in the right place for any of those, because this is Jojo's Bizzare Dating: Scenario Galore. This is a collection of works ranging from literal cloud fluff, up to tooth aching sweet.

Hope you enjoy the adventure!

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Nana raised her to walk in confident strides, her head held high, and academics prioritized, while also teaching her the way of Hamon. A sudden phone call from the Speedwagon foundation now has both of you traveling to Japan for "research" that, somehow, involves you, Nana, and a man named Joseph Joestar. Why is the Joestar name so important to her and Nana?

Who is Dio? What is a 'Stand'? And most importantly, why do you want to protect this You had known Jotaro Kujo since the two of you were children, back during the days when he was a kind young man and not the tough guy brute he's grown into now. You knew him more than probably anyone in this world, but you didn't know that he had a spirit possessing him and that there were more people out there in the world who just wanted to see him and his family dead.

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Now they wanna drag you into their mess because you just happen to have the same kind of "spirit" on you? No way!

jotaro x injured reader

Not gonna happen! Ugh, Typical Kujo A collection of oneshots from my tumblr that is for male readers,I write when I have inspiration. I don't know what I'm doing.