Microsoft teams contacts tab missing

I like to create contact groups in any tool we are using for messaging in this case Microsoft Teams. As far as I have been able to find you can only add people to favorites. Does any know if we are able to create contact lists in Teams and if not if it will be added later? An example would be Remote Site Support Techs. I have made a lot of people a favorite but it would be nice to be able to organize them a little better.

How would I go about creating a contact list that can be shared with my Team within Microsoft Teams? Ryanne Smith I believe he was talking about creating a list in the team site associated with the team, the one you see when you choose Open in Sharepoint from the I'm not really clear what everyone is looking to achieve from these 'contact lists'. There's a feature coming called Contact Groups which is a way to group together people you chat with, like Skype allows today, but it's a personal not shared capability.

Steven Collierdo you know when the Contact Groups feature planned to be released or can you send me a pointer to where I can track this myself and get more info? I'd still be interested though if you had any additional details beyond what's listed here. Sorry, only Microsoft would share the specific plans for when it becomes generally available. I would say 'soon'.

We would like Chat admins to have the ability to create a Chat contact list not in a Team or in a Channel, but in the actual Chat list and populate the list with a group or groups in Office The admins could then share the Chat lists they create that contain the populated AD groups with all users of Teams Chat.

This would be a practical use case for two reasons:. The day shift folks will sometimes work into the evening and the night employees would like to know, for safety reasons, who is still in the building working. If we could share each office's Chat list with all employees using Chat that contain AD groupsthen the employees working the night shift could see who is still working in the building by their presence indication and vice versa.

Any news on this request?

microsoft teams contacts tab missing

I just voted in the link. Also shared with those internally that have asked for the feature so they can vote as well. I have more than contacts setup in Teams in 10 separate groups.Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely.

Learn how to collaborate with Office Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number. I upgraded from Office Pro using a link from a Microsoft email.

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I just followed the regular update. I am able to use Access and the rest of the Office programs without any problems.

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Outlook had the biggest interface changes but all my folders were there and my calendar seems to be fine. My problem is that I had contact folders within my 'Contacts' folder as sub folders as I will explain below. Properties of my other sub folders: I have 10 sub folders. I am unable to edit any of them.

microsoft teams contacts tab missing

I am not sure if this has been this way since I upgraded or if it has happened since. I have never used Outlook Web App. I still have Outlook I am not using the cloud. I have a local copy of my PST files for each version. There is no problem with the version except it is out of date.

How Exchange and Microsoft Teams interact

This problem is on my laptop computer with Win I have another desk computer on Win 10 which I have also upgraded to Office Home. I do not use Outlook on this computer but tried it since I am having the problem on the laptop. When I opened the Outlook it had a problem. I did get it opened but it was erratic. I ran the online repair on Office and after Outlook runs fine and the sub contacts folders show up and work OK.Users' Exchange mailboxes can be hosted online or on-premises.

However, some features require a hybrid deployment to be in place with your Office tenant. They can create and join teams and channels, create and view meetings, call and chat, modify user profile pictures if the Outlook on the web mailbox policy allows them to do soand add and configure connectors, tabs, and bots.

They can create and join teams and channels, add and configure tabs and bots, and make use of the chat and calling features.

Add A Meetings Calendar to Microsoft Teams

However, they can't modify profile pictures, manage meetings, access outlook contacts, or manage connectors. Users with mailboxes hosted on-premises must be synchronized to Azure Active Directory.

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They can make use of all the features in the above scenario, but additionally they can also change the user profile picture if the Outlook on the web mailbox policy allows them to do soand manage meetings, providing Exchange Server Cumulative Update 3or later, is running on-premises with OAuth configured preferably via the Hybrid Configuration wizard. The following table provides a helpful quick reference to feature availability based on the Exchange environment.

Access to other contacts folders or sub-folders is not supported. If the -SetPhotoEnabled setting is turned off in the policy, users can't add, change, or remove their profile picture.

For example, if a user uploads a profile picture that's approved by your organization's IT or HR department, no action is needed. However, if a user uploads a picture that's inappropriate, change the picture according to your organization's internal policies.

Troubleshoot the Website tab in Teams

Microsoft Teams works with several Office services to provide users with a rich experience. To support this experience, you need to enable certain features or services and assign licenses.

SharePoint Online is required to share and store files in team conversations. Microsoft Teams doesn't support SharePoint on-premises. Users must be assigned a SharePoint Online license if they want to share files in Chats. File sharing will continue to work in Channels, but users are unable to share files in Chats without OneDrive for Business storage in Office To let Microsoft Teams work with Exchange on-premises, you must configure the new Exchange OAuth authentication protocol as described in Configure OAuth authentication between Exchange and Exchange Online organizations.

If you uninstall the Skype for Business client after you move a user to Teams Only mode, presence may stop working in Outlook and other Office apps. Presence works fine in Teams. To resolve this issue, select your profile picture in the top right-hand corner of Microsoft Teams and then select Settings. On the General tab under Applicationselect Register Teams as the chat app for Office requires restarting Office applications.

After you select this option, close and re-open all Office apps, including Outlook. After you open Outlook, presence information will be available. For channel conversations, messages are journaled to the group mailbox in Exchange Online, where they're available for eDiscovery.

If SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business using work or school account are enabled across the organization and for users, these compliance features are available for all files within Teams as well.

Control and protect the configuration of compliance policies in Teams and Exchange using Conditional Access. For more information see How do Conditional Access policies work for Teams?

If your organization has compliance requirements to ensure all meeting discussions are discoverable, you should disable private meetings if the organizer has an Exchange on-premises mailbox. In an Exchange hybrid deployment, content from chat messages is searchable regardless of whether chat participants have a cloud-based mailbox or an on-premises mailbox.

To learn more, read Searching cloud-based mailboxes for on-premises users in Office You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub.If only there were some under the radar Microsoft Teams features that you could get your hands on. New to Microsoft Teams? Experienced Teams user and want to get more from your productivity stack? Teams is designed to boost productivity by improving the flow of information in your business.

Even just making sure that different groups throughout your business can communicate is enough to improve productivity. Okay, email has a purpose but you get the point. You can stay in Teams and send messages to your contractors, suppliers, or clients that use Slack or Webex. If this sounds like something you need, install your free universal channel in less than 2 minutes. Tabs in Microsoft Teams allow businesses to display rich and interactive web content to their teams.

There are two kinds of tabs on Teams:. This is one of those Microsoft Teams features that is often overlooked as a capability reserved for educational institutions. The immersive reader speaks the text on a channel aloud at varying speeds.

Fortunately, you can filter the content you see with Mentions. This allows you to separate your personal messages and to-do lists from other less relevant conversations. The activity filter ensures that you stay up to date with the right information without facing the threat of information overwhelm.

You can classify the content is important to you and spend less time searching for crucial data. Bookmarking your content helps you to cut through the noise and find the data you need.

See the below screenshot where the final message has a pink highlight on the right hand side. Teams Search and Filter is useful for finding content too. One great way to do this is with slash commands.

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This takes you straight to the Release Notes tab on the T-bot channel, so you can check out new features. This feature is particularly valuable for people that want to avoid information overwhelm. You can choose which channels and teams you want to see and hide the rest from your UI. Select Hide to make the team or channel invisible or scroll to the bottom of your page to find Hidden teams that you want to see again.

A Forbes article wrote that this problem results in countless employees spending up to 2. Connectors keep groups ahead of the curve by delivering updates from the services that you typically use. Rather than asking your teams to find information from Twitter, Trello, Wunderlist, and so on, you can connect those streams straight to their channels. Any member of a Microsoft Teams channel can connect their entire group to some of the most popular cloud services. When Connectors are set up, all members of a chain will be notified when new messages appear.

If you already use Wikis within Teams, this feature is excellent for supporting better collaboration. You can also add notes to your Personal Wiki wherever you are. One of the best things about Microsoft Teams is how easy it is to connect with tools you already use.Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely.

Having trouble loading an address in a new Website tab? That happens occasionally in the Teams web app because certain sites can prevent themselves from being embedded in other sites. When a site won't load, a banner appears saying If your site isn't loading correctly, click here.

Go ahead and click there for options. The next page gives you three options to solve the problem:. Click View the site in your desktop app to open it in the Teams desktop app, where it should work fine. Click Go to the website to open the site in a new browser tab outside of Teams.

To pull up those options again, just click Reload tab in the top right corner immediately when you realize there's an issue.

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You should also hit Reload tab if a tab that used to work is suddenly acting wonky. Remember, these issues don't usually pop up in our desktop app, so if you're frequently running into this problem, consider going over there.

Learn more. Microsoft Teams. Apps and services. Troubleshoot the Website tab in Teams. Microsoft Teams More Expand your Office skills. Get new features first. Was this information helpful?

microsoft teams contacts tab missing

Yes No. Any other feedback? How can we improve? Send No thanks. Thank you for your feedback! It sounds like it might be helpful to connect you to one of our Office support agents. Contact Support.Also, you may be eligible for deployment assistance from the Microsoft FastTrack Program - please visit the FastTrack Center to submit a request. See Teams Troubleshooting for more information about resolving issues with Microsoft Teams.

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Any additional feedback? Skip Submit. Send feedback about This product This page. This page. Submit feedback. There are no open issues. View on GitHub. Check out Get Started with Microsoft Teams.

Review the Teams guest access checklist and make sure all steps are completed. Need help turning on or setting up Audio Conferencing in Teams?

Has this user been recently created? If so, you'll need to wait 2 — 24 hrs for the settings to take effect. To verify that the user is licensed for Audio Conferencing and has a default toll number: In the Microsoft admin center, go to Active usersand then select the user in question. Depending on the admin center version, choose either Licenses and Apps or click Edit on Product licenses.

Under Admin centersclick Show alland then click Teams. In the Microsoft Teams admin center, click Legacy portal. In the Skype for Business admin center, click audio conferencingand then click users. Select the user in question and verify the user has a default toll number.Tabs allow team members to access services and content in a dedicated space within a channel or in a chat.

This lets the team work directly with tools and data, and have conversations about the tools and data, all within the context of the channel or chat. Owners and team members can add tabs to a channel, private chat, and group chat to help integrate their cloud services. Tabs can be added to help users easily access and manage the data they need or interact with the most. This can be a Power BI report, a dashboard, or even a Microsoft Stream video channel where you publish training videos.

With every private chat, four tabs are provisioned by default: Conversations, Files, Organization, and Activity. Owners and team members can add more tabs to a channel or chat by clicking Add a tab at the top of the channel or chat. Any existing uploaded file can be converted to a tab with a single click, as shown below. To add a website, the URL must start with an https prefix so information that's exchanged remains secure.

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Detailed instructions are provided when a team member tries to add a custom tab to their channel or chat. When a custom tab is added to a channel, a Tab conversation is created that allows team members to have focused discussions about the content. In addition to the built-in tabs, you can design and develop your own tabs to integrate to Teams or share with the rest of the community.

See our developer documentation for more information. You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub. Skip to main content. Exit focus mode. Work with tabs With every new channel, two tabs are provisioned by default: Conversations and Files. Develop custom tabs In addition to the built-in tabs, you can design and develop your own tabs to integrate to Teams or share with the rest of the community. Related Articles Is this page helpful? Yes No. Any additional feedback? Skip Submit. Send feedback about This product This page.

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